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Every business needs an effective web presence, whether purely virtual or a brick-and-mortar store. Instant Info Solutions has successfully helped design and development and implementation of websites and web application for clients over 16 years now. Our scope of work for e-commerce website design and development includes the process to provide the Client team with a full package of website design, configuration, training and maintenance services.

  • Having an experience of 16+ years in the field of online e-commerce management, our team has evolved as a proficient eCommerce Website Development Company, creating e-commerce websites of immense visual qualities, highly advanced e-commerce backend admin and e-commerce management features.
  • Instant Info Solutions has helped the e-commerce businesses manage their various teams, orders, wholesale as well as retail stocks; accounts processing and team management possible with highly qualified e-commerce features as required for the e-commerce ventures which aim to thrive and grow sustainably.

Advanced e-commerce website features as required for a global e-commerce brand

shipping charge calculator

Add a shipping charge calculator

This feature is recommended if you want to sell your products among different countries located at much farther distances. Shipping cost comes as a big and vital factor while procreating a pricing mechanism of your final product which finally reaches your customers' doorstep. Integrating an auto shipping calculator feature can not only open your website for your shoppers located among different regions but also help them make a fair analysis of the charges and worth they pay for the final product which is to be delivered at their doorstep. Modern logistics startups which have specifically evolved to satiate delivery challenges of global e-commerce websites have brought down the cost of package delivery even in the global market to a significantly lower level. Feel free to take help from our e-commerce experts based in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida for your e-commerce business, shipping, websites and marketing needs.

search engines

SEO friendly website for dominant search engines respective to your target countries

China does not use Google as its primary search engine. Similarly, dominating search engines could vary as per the political scenario and technological preferences of a country. Along with Google, there are also many search engines like Bing and Yahoo which have gained massive popularities in various countries, hence making it mandatory for the ecommerce website designer, owners and SEO Expert to make their e-commerce websites adaptive as per the search algorithms prevalent in these countries.

costs as per your target countries

Show respective costs as per your target countries

Cost of the final product at doorstep varies as per the destination country. With factors like shipping costs, inter-country exchanges and taxes as applicable for the country can make your product range differ and vary along with the respective target countries. Earlier e-commerce ventures have confronted a challenge where they received negative feedback from their customers who were paying more than the customers of other countries. It hence becomes important for ecommerce business owners to show a pricing respectively as per their destination countries, and not leaving an open priced platform where customers could compare the final cost of the product with other countries as well.

payments in all kinds of currencies

Receive payments in all kinds of currencies

This feature will allow you to receive payments from your buyers belonging to various countries and economies.

Learn how the integration of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in your E-commerce Web sites can help you sell more!

1. 'Partner Products' features of your eCommerce website can help you sell more and guide your customers to purchase products which are purchased along with a specific product.

Ex: We implemented this for a Cosmetic E-commerce website. For ladies who purchase a makeup kit would also prefer to purchase a makeup removal cream along. Hence, Makeup removal cream became a 'Partner Products' product for a buyer who is browsing a makeup kit. Come over for a brainstorming session to discuss more Artificial Intelligence features applicable to your very e-commerce website. Call +919818882603 for directions.

2. Auto Suggestions is an Artificial Intelligence feature which has huge applicability in e-commerce websites. Suggestive nature of a website recommends other products of relevant interests and utility.

Ex: People who bought this product also bought following more products along. Get along with us to discuss more AI features which can help you sell more through your current e-commerce site.

E-commerce web design services

Design and user experience of an e-commerce website have to be unique and very specific to the business idea, brand philosophy and venture proliferation plan of its owner. We at Instant Info Solutions have nurtured a custom e-commerce development team which ponders over all of these business and branding factors before presenting a final layout of your e-commerce web design as suitable to your needs.

E-commerce website services

Launching an e-commerce website is the first step to opening your online shop. Many inputs are still needed to take your venture to a next step of selling through it. This is where e-commerce website services come into picture. A professional e-commerce web design agency will help you with the following:

Regular maintenance of your Online Showcase

Do you not change the display of your offline shop every week? To have your customers visiting back your online store, it is very important that you give them many longing reasons for doing so. What more do customers want if it's not for checking the new hot stock on your online showcase? This e-commerce website service includes changing e-commerce website's showcase, product display, declare new offers or any other sales accelerating deals.

Digital Marketing & branding of your e-commerce portal

Trust drives sales like no other factor! Staying connected with your followers through regular communication mediums of social media is a modern yet simple and affordable way of Online Marketing. A business which has to be run and established online must also seek for modern out of box ways to market online. Reach out to our experts of e-commerce website developers, designers and marketers based in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, India, who can help you prepare a crisp and well-calculated strategy to sell and thrive the budding competition of e-commerce industry.

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I have had the honour and privilege to get my own label website designed by IIS solutions recently . Their team work on my website and digital marketing has made a significant contribution to our business module . Online shopping is the order of the day . The team of IIS solutions made it happen . They guided me , advised me and educated me on digital solutions . The website is growing in popularity day by day and is engaging potential customers and buyers to help us grow.
Thanking you, Best, Regards
Deepti Sundra

Sonia Jetleey

Fashion Designer

Our Customers Say

It's a great and satisfying experience to have Jagmohan and his team at IIS India to develop and manage our website. The team has mature understanding of all technical and marketing aspects of web development, e-commerce portals and social media activities. It is good to have a team that is willing to go that extra mile to ensure smooth functioning of everything. Completely reliable, hardworking and much recommended.
Deepti Sundra

Deepti Sundra

RCS TOYS India's Oldest Toy Store

Our Customers Say

It has been a pleasing experience in working with the team Instant Info Solutions. They have done a wonderful job in building the website and customising to our specifications. Their design team is great and understands what needs to be done to pull crowd and communicate our brand values to the customer. "SPECIAL THANKS TO THEIR INSIGHTFUL BACK-END TEAM. THEY KNOW THEIR JOB VERY WELL"
Parin Jain

Mr. Parin Jain

Co-founder, Berrytree

Our Customers Say

Overall, IIS is a pleasure to work with, they are doing exactly what was needed, stretched our thinking, and provided opportunities for growth and A responsive partner. I loved the team’s energy, focus, and passion for our business. We believe that IIS will continue to deliver exactly what we need - and better."

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