SEO Fixes for a New e Commerce of Musical Instruments

Much did we love the idea of FREE music classes for beginners that selling musical instruments online. Founder Mr. Harshvardhan Sharma is doing his best to promote music learning and playing in his country India. Being a Digital Marketing partner for past one month has helped the team by generating one good sale, many new queries and remarkable SEO results considering first month of service.


We started with zero where not even pages were indexed, nor were the Products appropriately paged. Page Optimisation had to be considered along with each of the Products optimisation too. Zero visibility in Google and poor Alexa Rank. Since the website was built on abantecart, meta updation brought up many challenges and showed only a way through paid plug ins for further solutions.


Geeky coders at Instant Info Solutions took up the challenge and with few smart changes at coding level, meta information was added for free. Further regular SEO Service made all pages to index properly. New pages for each Product Name were created with specific Product named url paths. This increased discoverability of the website on search through product names.

48% - Organic Search This means we have started finding visibility in Google, and many organic and regular searches are making people land on our website.
23% - Referral This traffic is coming through referral blog sharing. Blog posting on already traffic websites.
17% - Social This traffic is being redirected through engaged followers on Social Media
22% - Direct Searches


Since musical instrument buyer is very specific about what he/ she is looking for searches with Product Names are more common for this business domain. And much positively did we build website traffic through Organic Searches within a span of one month.
All pages were being crawled and read by Google now making it all index properly. Social Media Promotion through Facebook developed much awareness about FREE music classes for beginners and many business queries through direct Brand connection here were generated.
Here are four major sources of website traffic, with more online discovery happening through Organic Searches.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI