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Digital Marketing Solution

The key to digital marketing lies in envisioning future potential of the Product or Brand. We support products and brands which don’t only hold competency, but are also ethical in their ways of business. This gives a strong reason for our customers to rely on and trust us.

Attracting the modern consumer, made simple

Consumer of this date wants to stake no much of their time to walk and reach their desirables. Instead they prefer a pre-shop experience and want to explore desired products available on web. This has made important for Brands to be present, available and showcase their offerings to reach maximum consumers.

Our Social Media Management Package includes business promotion through  blogosphere, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and a wide variety of other platforms along with our unique creative promotional strategies customised for each and every customer after hours of prolific relevant domain researches.

What do we offer?

Smart technology

For devising, executing or implementing these high end solutions of digital marketing, advanced technology as well as strong support is needed. Thankfully, this has always been kept by Instant Info solutions in priority list and hence, it is always equipped with advanced tools and technical assistance. Our technical team is synchronized with latest techniques and tools and thus, we get the clients introduced in the market in no period of time.


A good team is needed for delivering quality digital marketing solutions. Instant Info Solutions makes sure that a team of professionally trained executives, experts as well as specialists is built for running the campaigns. A learned team member heads all the campaigns under strict supervision of a project manager who is well versed and experienced. Multiple certified and professionally trained executives work together for achieving apt and quick results. Only after rigorous testing, we handpick all employees at our company. Our digital marketing experts are highly committed and have a good track record or delivering profitable results through intelligently conceived and devised tactics and strategies in all domains. In all our campaigns, result-oriented plan is analyzed, benchmarked as well as created for optimally leveraging the value that is received from the digital marketing program.

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Contentment of Employees

At Instant Info Solutions, our main focus is on the satisfaction of employees. Solitary working environment is provided to them because we believe that employees are the one through whom strategic value is brought to the organization and also, they are quite essential for the success in the global market.

Value Centroidal approach

In the industry of IT, a value-centroidal approach is consciously chosen by us which global clients recognize. We are of the belief that value must be delivered by going beyond contractual agreements with clients.

Satisfaction of customers

We give top most priority to customer satisfaction. We are of the belief that satisfied customers are an asset to the company. It inculcates a Spirit of Endurance.

24x7 assistance

Round the clock assistance is provided with 24x7 facility. We provide good after sales service for resolving queries as well as problems that are related to services.

Flexibility, transparency and faith

We believe that complete transparency is needed with employees and clients. Transparency for us is trust, affability, Alliance, Certainty and Vision.

Return on Investment

Our main focus is on Increasing and fair ROI.


It is mainly about working together for creating synergy. We win when IIS wins.