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With 100% delivery rate, IIS INDIA has proven itself and establish as a well known and reputed company for most challenging  Search Engine Marketing Projects in India. Within minimum, we have been known to deliver best outcomes in terms of keywords Ranking, and increasing over all performance of website. We offer SEO and SEM Services with most updated Google practices and algorithms, to avoid any fluctuations in keywords Ranking and positions on Google. Our Search Engine Marketing practices lead to webpage indexing very soon in all search engines. While we come across every new story of failed indexing of web pages, more motivated our SEO team feels to support the company with positive support.


Our Search Engine Marketing mainly SEO Service starts with On Page optimisation to fix all meta tag, titling, sub domain, links, urls paths, or content issues to make the website structure better. Off Page activities are then followed by consistent and aggressive link building activities to promote and boost your websites’ Organic Traffic with much optimised SEO Services.

Why Associate with us

Instant Info Solutions provide best Search engine marketing solution for you that ensure ROI. As success to SEO and efficient Digital Marketing can happen only when one is thoroughly insightful about the business aims, milestones, target and potential audience. We ensures to understand and quantify all business challenges and bottlenecks. A Sales centric proposal is drafted for SEO and possible Digital Marketing for the very business situation. The statistics and search engine marketing needs are always followed to efficient the business outcome and with aligned search engine marketing services to the company.

  • Professional committed to organic and ethical practices.
  • Specialised team of search engine marketing insure Organic Ethical SEO, Local SEO, and strategic management of Paid Campaigns (Pay Per Click) to bring maximum outcomes for your business.
  • Lead Generation and automatic lead management services with the healp of search engine marketing stratgy.
  • Highly certified and experienced team of search engine marketing with practical experiences for growing your business.
  • Our SEM services has increased profitability and lowered down on orthodox advertisement costs.
  • Improved business ranking in minimum possible time.
  • 100% customer satisfaction with many gratifying, and thanking or congratulating letters from companies who have taken our SEM packages.
  • Easy consultancy and insightful advice for Search Engine Marketing and overall Digital Marketing Solutions for our dear and esteem clients.

Pioneer in Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine marketing is quite a perplexed but an efficient way to improve the keywords ranking and thus increase the visibility, traffic and searchability of the website on Google SERP. Website's serach engine ranking is the only way to help you to achieve your potential clients crosswise over different web search tools like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and so forth. With the Organic techniques of Ethical and Local SEO, while the keywords rankings are derived positively, much door and opportunity opens bringing new business queries, leads, traffic, and opportunities right at your door directly.

With the significant help of gifted group of Search Engine Marketing experts we have denoted a special expertise and comfort in this area. Each web based advertising and streamlining action that we start is as indicated by the rules of Google that will help your website standardise from the regularly updated algorithms from Google.

We have standardised our Search Engine Packages to fit needs of all business sizes. Explore our search engine marketing packages here  seo packages.

We however would like to craft a more customised Digital Marketing proposals for you, if you can explain us business challenges and requirements.

What is SEO?

SEO optimization is a strategy of procedures, systems and strategies used to expand the measure of guests and regular traffics on a website by getting a high-positioned rank and arrangement in the indexed lists page of an internet searcher (SERP) including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other web search tools.

There are mainly 2 initial steps to efficient SEO techniques:

On Page Optimisation

  • Meta Descriptions : It is very mandatory to put an appropriate, relevant and quick meta tag description which includes main keywords of the web page content. It is an important factor required for indexing and ranking of the webpage in desired search results.
  • Keyword friendly URLs : Using Keyword friendly URLs is very much important for Google to read and follow the searched words and make one land on the desired and directed web page. It reflects first hand impression as landing page on Google. Hence SEO optimizing in accordance and including the Keywords has always resulted in ranking higher.
  • Heading Tags / Sub domain heading tags : It is effective to write headings  and sub headings of a content which clearly reflects and includes the main keywords which are trying to highlight and gain ample visibility for. Google’s search engine also reads main headings of webpages to filter out the rest of the websites which do not have keywords included and appropriate headings or sub headings, from the searched list.
  • Image SEO : Images are searched with their alt tags and since it doesn’t follow regular search engine algorithm of contents. Reducing image sizes or downloading images with consecutive sizes or resolutions is another key part to improve Image SEO and searchability.
  • YouTube Video Optimisation or Video SEO : Team IIS INDIA is well versed and experienced in increasing views, subscriptions, followers and Branding of youtubers too. Share your crazy videos with us, and we will let you know how can Youtube Video Optimisation or Video SEO will ensure revenue coming in for you.

Off Page Optimisation

  • Blogging or Blog Posting : Unique contents with their very nature hold potential to get shared, but without Content marketing nothing goes Viral. Content Marketing has exploded the web and markets. Much response and traffic can be generated if these contents are written and published with optimised SEO strategise.
  • Search Engine submission / Blog Submission/ PR Submission/ Directory submission : Link building and aggressive promotional sharing of your website page links of already popularised and trafficked websites or more popular search engines is another smarter way to boost website’s publicity and hence ranking on Google.