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Success Story of Biggest Cosmetics E Commerce in India

While other e commerce ventures seem to be in budding stage yet, this e Commerce venture for Cosmetics Products has establish number 1 Brand in India. A business associate for past 6+ years, Instant Info Solutions has been consistent technical and Digital Marketing support behind this huge success story.


2 different Databases: Inventory Stock + Loyalty Card System from Customers’ Database being managed together to ensure Complete Order Management Autonomously.


Order Management in e Commerce has been not completely autonomous, as Order Cancellation doesn’t update the Inventory Stock Database on Order Cancellation. With insightful database programming, Instant Info Solutions implemented first historical solution by managing 2 separate databases within a marginal expense which was very suitable for a budding e commerce venture.
Proposed and ongoing project is a vision to integrate Account Tally database too. This will take this e commerce to a whole new level of business automation.

48% - Organic Search This means we have started finding visibility in Google, and many organic and regular searches are making people land on our website.
23% - Referral This traffic is coming through referral blog sharing. Blog posting on already traffic websites.
17% - Social This traffic is being redirected through engaged followers on Social Media
22% - Direct Searches

Traffic Management

Database is being managed for giant number of website traffic which we have organically generated over years through our ethical and Best Digital Marketing Services.
All pages were being crawled and read by Google now making it all index properly. Social Media Promotion through Facebook developed much awareness about FREE music classes for beginners and many business queries through direct Brand connection here were generated.
Here are four major sources of website traffic, with more online discovery happening through Organic Searches.
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI