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Monday, December 7, 2020

Digital marketing agencies are a dime a dozen. In a city like Delhi, the number runs in a few hundred thousand. What has led to such a large demand for digital marketing agencies in Delhi? The simple fact that all the customers are now shopping on social media, apps, and websites, rather than visiting a physical store. Good thing for your business right? Well, not entirely. As long as your business involves creating a product from a radioactive element that is safe for the environment (just kidding), i.e. if your business is unique and you're the only player, it will be tough for you to survive if people don't even know that you exist. That is why you need to catch your customer first before your competition does. To make yourself shine like a star in front of your customer so that they have your attention, you need the backing of a good digital marketing agency that will achieve this for you.

There are plenty of good digital marketing agencies in Delhi. But the question is are they good enough for your business?

Here are 10 things to keep in mind before hiring a digital marketing agency:

1. Fit is important

'Fit' in digital marketing can be a deciding factor in the future for a client and the digital marketing agency. An e-commerce business needs to hire a digital marketing agency that can deliver the business goal and meet the business's expectations when it comes to rankings and conversions. E-commerce businesses that are clients of digital marketing agencies have to understand one important thing, if the digital marketing agency is right for your business, your business will receive the boost it needs. This happens because the digital marketing agency is conducive for your e-commerce business and is the right fit. To have a great working relationship with your digital marketing agency, it is important as a business you must have clarity in goals and expectations that you have from the agency. Once this is there, you need to have trust, faith, and confidence in the abilities of your digital marketing agency.

2. End goal: What is the result you're hoping for from digital marketing?

If you're an online business (that has been doing business independent of an agency, but now you need one to target a wider audience), then you know exactly what platform gives you the best business.

For example, i) if you're a fashion start-up and converting customers online, you know exactly that your Instagram is giving you more sales than your website.

Here, a digital marketing agency will analyze this and help you devise a social media strategy to make your Instagram presence even stronger to attract more customers and lead to conversions.

ii) If you're an online grocery store with a strong loyal customer base, you know that the conversions are happening through your website.

Here a digital marketing agency will help you boost your website rankings through SEO strategies until you rank no. 1

3. Services: What can your digital marketing agency offer you?
  • Website design and development: E-commerce portal development, WordPress portal development, etc.
  • Mobile applications design and development: Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • SEO:
    1. Local SEO
    2. Keyword Ranking Solution
    3. Ethical SEO
    4. Pay Per Click
    5. App Store Optimization
    6. ROI Centric Approach
  • Social Media Marketing:
    1. Facebook Marketing
    2. LinkedIn Marketing
    3. Youtube Optimization Services
    4. Social Video Optimization
    5. Instagram Services
    6. Twitter Handle Management
    7. Affiliate Marketing Services
4. References & Portfolio

Do a better job of understanding your digital marketing agency's existing client base.

'Actions speak louder than words', if your digital marketing agency says who they claim to be, it will reflect in their quality of work. As an informed consumer, it is important to check for references and a portfolio of clients from digital marketing agencies to see the success of their work.

5. Online Target Audience

You need to know your customer first; the digital marketing agency can give you a strategy to enhance it.

As an online business owner with a marketing plan to have huge turnovers from an online business, it is important to understand your online target audience and segregate it from the rest.

If you are confused or unaware, the digital marketing agency will help you brainstorm and ask questions that define the target audience even better.

  • Who is my product for?
  • What age group do they lie in?
  • Where do they reside?
  • What do they do for a living?

Digital marketing agencies have tools that can help businesses track customer behaviors on a webpage, the country he/she is coming from, their likes and dislikes, etc.

6. Solutions over services

Is your digital marketing agency going that extra mile by solving your problem instead of just charging for a service?

When you meet a digital marketing agency for the first time, their goal should be to give you the best possible solution rather than offer a menu of their services.

For example, if your goal is to gain more followers on social media platforms, your digital marketing agency should be able to provide solutions for this rather than offering SEO packages for a website.

In short, your digital marketing agency should hit the bull's eye by providing solutions.

7. Ask tough questions

Is your digital marketing agency up to date with the latest marketing tools?

Since digital marketing agencies are large in number, they may treat customers like blind mice. Many agencies use outdated tools that are irrelevant and don't do anything for an online business. It's important to check whether your digital marketing agency is up to date with the latest analytical and metric tools.

8. Outcome over output: Always
  • Are your goals being met?
  • Are you achieving the outcome?
  • Is your digital marketing agency worried about outcome over output?

An effective, result-oriented agency will put 100% of their effort in achieving the outcome rather than concerning themselves only with the output.

9. Bottom line: Traffic Analysis and conversions

Traffic analysis and conversions are tracked by digital marketing agencies using google analytics, Facebook analytics.

Traffic can be generated using social media, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc.

Conversions are basically a positive response of a customer on your webpage or social media handle, where the customer chooses to buy your product, subscribes to your page, or chooses to follow you on social media.

10. Skills and expertise

The digital marketing agency that you hire for your business must have the technical skills and enough expertise in dealing with similar businesses as yours and achieving excellence in it. When it comes to your e-commerce businesses, the digital marketing agency's team must be proficient in providing expert solutions to front-end and backend problems. The right skillset of the digital marketing agency will help you manage your e-commerce business with ease and help you lead to conversions with speed. Highly qualified digital marketing agencies, who have been in the business for over a decade have developed a strong foundation of skills and expertise. This happens because they understand the necessity of adapting to the changing trends in technology and are continuously polishing their knowledge to deliver your business with the best possible strategic solutions.

IIS India is Delhi's best digital marketing agency that has a strong client base both in India and abroad. It has helped online businesses achieve their desired targets and the agency has built a loyal client base which is reflected in the IIS India portfolio. IIS India as a digital marketing agency is focused on innovation, client satisfaction, and driven to deliver excellence.

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