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Saturday, October 23, 2021

International SEO is the best procedure for optimizing your website to reach a global audience. Google search engines can easily recognize which location you would like to focus on and which languages you use for business. If you already know your audience and/or specifically target users from locations other than your host city then it may be the right time to make changes to your website for an international approach.

By going in for international SEO you are substantially improving your website visibility worldwide. This means your website is going to be seen by people in another country aside from your host country. International SEO also helps you identify how successful you're in acquiring organic visitors. International SEO always ensures a strong presence and drives organic traffic from various countries.

If you're looking to optimize your website internationally you should know the threefold:

  • R&D keywords in the respective country with the use of language tags (language targeting).
  • Maintain relative content for the target users' language(s).
  • Stipulate your target region/ or country with an international-friendly URL structure (country targeting).

International SEO best practices

The webmaster and a few URL structures can be employed to target a particular country. It includes using a country code top-level domain, sub-domain or a subdirectory. When you are doing International SEO one should know the 3 approaches that IIS India employs to get results:

Approach 1: We can create dedicated country-specific web pages on your base URL XYZ.CO. Accordingly, we can do on-page only for the additional web pages including Meta titling, description and tagging. This is followed by a location-wise off-page.

Approach 2: We can create sub-domains that will have dedicated directories in the root folder. For all those new pages content can be changed (it can be language-specific). Meta titles, descriptions and tagging all can be done to introduce location-based keywords.

Approach 3: Fully qualified country-specific domains- For this, we create structure replicas. This is the most tedious task as it requires complete rework on on-page content, Metas, etc with country-specific keywords. However, this is highly result-oriented.

NOTE: All above approaches have the liberty to change page content according to location-specific language.

Either way, every approach requires the introduction of new keywords, on-page efforts and then off-page separately. Only then significant rank can be achieved.

Few points to keep in mind:

  • While doing SEO Optimization make sure that everything from your site navigation, to your content, and your help desk is in the primary language of the region that you are targeting.
  • It's advised not to use machine translations to translate the language or content of the website.
  • Not to automatically redirect a user to a different language based on a specific location. It's fine to suggest an alternate language site.
  • One of the most important practices for International Search Engine Optimization is to stay away from using cookies or scripts to show another-language style or version of a page. Search engines can't crawl that type of dynamic content, and human users may not be able to see it, either.

Benefits of International SEO:

By going in for international SEO, you are essentially improving your website searches and visibilities. Your website will be seen by a wider audience and varying demographics.

With effective optimization of International SEO and strategy, you can figure out what parts of content are working, and which isn't. Implementing Global SEO strategies can improve your website to get global traffic and improve your site global time. International Search Engine Optimization will help you determine how successful you are in acquiring organic visitors from various regions.

IIS India provides International SEO Services! We are based out in Delhi, India. Our SEO strategies increase traffic and improve conversion. We are experts in International SEO and Digital Marketing and focus on your business goals in every initiative.

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