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Thursday, June 25, 2020

When you start an online presence for your business, you create a website that is considered an online store. Then, you need to promote your website so that people can come to your website and take advantage of your services or products.

To promote your website, you can hire a digital marketing agency that can do SEO for your website. And what the agency does or what you can contribute can be revealed by regular monitoring of the performance of your website.

For monitoring the SEO performance, you can use many tools that can tell the actual performance of your website. There are many tools available in the market, some are paid and some are free. For an amazing track of your rank, we are going to tell you some free Google SEO tools by which you can monitor SEO performance and take the right step to get ranking.

Tool No #1

Google Search Console
Google Search Console

With the help of Google search console you can compare and analyze traffic on your website. If you notice that there are some pages that have the biggest drop in impressions and clicks, then you can take appropriate action. These are the pages you need to update or ask your agency to do so.

Sometimes the agency does off-page submission rigorously but website rank doesn’t improve. In this case you can help by providing good content and some video by which engagement of the website can be improved.

Do a Google search for the keyword for which you want your website to rank, and whichever website is coming in the rank for the same keyword, check them properly. Compare those pages with yours to find what you don't have. Then go to your website and adjust the article including all that stuff.

Pages that have the biggest drop in traffic or pages that are no longer in the search engines, go back into those pages or posts, update them with the latest information. If you think video helps improve the experience then you can add some videos. You can remove something that makes no sense. Whatever it may be, if you just go in, update it, and provide the best knowledge, you will notice that after doing these changes with your agency’s submissions usually within 30 days, traffic on those pages will go up.

However before starting SEO, a good agency asks you all the information about your business to do on-page and then start off-page submission to get your website ranked. They also monitor their work using these tools.

Tool No #2

Structure Data Markup Helper
Structure Data Markup Helper

It is also an important part of SEO because it attracts people to click on your website. All agencies use this for on-page of the website.

Structured data look different for different sites whether it's a local website, national, e-commerce, lead generation site, consulting, or any other.

Structured data helps you get star ratings on your site, rich snippets, listings to stand out, breadcrumbs and many more.

With the help of structured data when someone searches on Google they can see all those breadcrumbs and they can click on your site which increases your click-through rate.

Tool No #3

Google Trends
Google Trends

The Google trend helps build brands. When you and your agency continuously work on your website, you get ranked and at the same time you improve the value of your brand.

Keep track with the help of Google trend and do work accordingly. You can use tools like Hello Bar to get a better understanding of your brand value.

Hello Bar helps us collect emails, and with the help of Mail Chimp you can mail them as brand launches offers and more. This way you can bring people back to your site. This is called email marketing, for this you can also hire an agency.

Mail chimp is free. You can also use tools like Subscribers, which also has a free plan.

People can subscribe to your site through push notifications with the help of Subscribers. So, whenever you have new content, new features, new products for sale, you can send a push and get people back to your site, which will also help to develop your brand.

Tool No #4

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

This is a free tool where you can analyze data for your business in one place. Google Analytics helps you see the entire traffic of your website.

It is one of the best tools that help in tracking real time traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic, users, returning customers, visitors, and more.

By using this tool you can improve the performance of your website by fixing observation issues.

For an agency, this is the only tool where they monitor their performance and improve their experience by giving their best to the client.

Google Analytics and webmaster both are important part of on-page updates. Agencies always set these two important tools in on-page activities.

Conclusion :

Agencies give you first rank with their complete customization and tricks for SEO on-page and off-page submission.

Use all these free Google SEO tools to monitor their performance and get the first rank by assisting them with your insights.

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