Developing your SEO Strategy for Higher Ranking on Google Search Engine

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Developing your SEO Strategy for Higher Ranking on Google Search Engine

Friday, August 20, 2021

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SEO has become one of the best channels to market a business. Be it a startup, mid-level business or a multi-dollar business, without SEO strategies it's difficult for a website to rank online; whereas a highly effective SEO strategy can dominate organic search results to capitalize on your strengths.

Let's learn the SEO Strategy and its benefit:

SEO is a detailed plan to improve a website's search engine rankings to get more organic traffic based on the algorithms of various search engines. Every business depends on a proper SEO strategy and can exponentially reduce the traditional marketing budget.

Search Engine Optimization drives 20X more clicks and 150% higher ROI. It is one of the best ways to market your products organically.

Importance of SEO Strategy:

With SEO, a company or brand becomes a trusted, familiar source for consumers no matter their stage in the purchase funnel. More than 95% of people like to search for products or services on the internet before they reach out to stores. Therefore it is very important to make your business website visible on the internet at all times.

One should know that when building an SEO strategy you should not just focus on competitors but also on SERP Competitors.

Why SEO Strategy Matters?

  • It drives more organic traffic to your business
  • SEO Organic listings drive 20X more clicks and higher clicks lead to high ranking. This means SEO is more result-driven.
  • Search Engine acquires customers at 75% lower CAC (customer acquisition cost) than any other paid channel.

How to create an SEO strategy?

  • Establish your goals, objectives, and key results
  • Define your buyer personas, specific targeted groups or geographical areas
  • Map the customer journey research what they want and potential buyers
  • Execute keyword research and topic analysis for your business
  • Do competitive research and analysis to identify SERP competitors of your business
  • Robust on-page (to be done by an expert)
  • Build backlinks to key pages to improve traffic to the website
  • Regular submissions, be it images, videos, PDFs, articles, bookmarking, classifieds, etc.

Important points to keep in mind for developing SEO Strategy:

Know Your Keywords:

First things first- you can't do much without knowing what keywords your target market is using to find solutions to the problems that your company solves. This requires a little research in order to make strategies for your website.

High-Quality Engaging Contents:

The key point here is to use your marketing "Spidey sense" and create the best engaging content for your potential customer. Valuable insights and good quality content help in better ranking.

Experts SEO Agencies:

Basic SEO is mostly common sense. However, if you can afford SEO services, it is wise to hire an SEO Agency. With an agency, such as IIS India, you will get the complete SEO team to handle your website. Starting with a dedicated manager for client communication, a senior SEO manager research, analysis, building the strategy and ensuring the results, junior resources for executing the planned strategy by doing regular submissions and reporting. Each step requires a different skill for the strategy to become a success.

Website Page URLs:

Don't overlook the website page URLs because they're very important for your SEO. This is where specific keywords ranking comes in handy. If a page talks about a product, then the URL should include a related keyword. Focus on the most common and volume searched appropriate keywords.

Additional Keyword Placement:

Now that you've created engaging content that your potential buyer's needs (and wants) and have the best attention-grabbing title to engage them and encourage them to read further, go back to your contents and review everything you wrote. In your review, look for additional places where you can naturally place keywords for ranking.

Improve User Experience:

A good user experience is becoming the highlight of a good SEO strategy. Under SEO, you can decide on more engaging content and put it on the home page for retaining the users for a longer time.

To summarize in the end, Search Engine Optimization is important because it keeps the search results fair, drives more organic traffic to your website and hence increase sales or leads. The higher your website rank on SERP, the more clicks you will get. It also improves user experience making it more likely for potential customers to become repeat buyers. And SEO is cost-effective.

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