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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Social media has become an inescapable part of human culture. Advertising online on social media has been equivalent to reinventing the wheel. New avenues are not without new problems, though. As technology advances, things get a lot easier; they also get a lot harder as well. Advertising opportunities available today were beyond thought a few years ago. For an advertiser the goal-post keeps shifting constantly. Strategists look forward to the challenges a social media marketing company in India faces.

Social media marketing : a preview

More and more businesses are looking to seize the opportunity of drawing in an audience through social media as it has become ubiquitous with the human experience. India has almost a billion cell phone users and many of whom use it just for social media networking. Well established or a start-up, every company has their chance to shine on social media. Facebook and Instagram are accessed by nearly 70% of all internet users and India has the largest user base for social media platforms in the entire world. It is not surprising that a marketing company would dip their fingers in this media crazy environment. Instant Info Solutions acknowledges the potential that an emergent market like India has for pushing the envelope forward.

Envisioning a company through the lens of social media

The tools available for marketing on social networks are concreted although every company has their own unique appeal. A masterful transition of a company’s values to social media platforms truly sets the bar for what a marketing strategy should be. IIS is invested in the companies that it choses to help out. Developing a good rapport is a big step for a long term partnership as trust is a key factor that IIS looks to promote for media marketing transparency. In this ‘Click-a-service’ age of digital media, a product should not just satisfy the impulse of the customer, but should also cultivate repeat engagement through well-earned patronage.

Social Media Marketing and Hurdles exclusive to India

The nearly billion-strong army of cell phone users are very receptive to new ideas. That being said, the raw nature of social media and marketing on it are mostly alien to the fresh social media debutantes. This is an hindrance to media marketers who see this pessimistically. IIS looks at this demographic as an untapped potential. Utilizing the technology and talent available at their disposal, Instant Info Solutions brings social media marketing to emergent markets. The services offered to the clients are competitive yet reasonable. A company is given creative ratification over their social media outreach and marketing requirements. This is an important step for authentic flow of ideas.

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